"M o r p h o g e n e s e" 


Contemporary master glassmaker, Simon Berger speaks a singular

plastic language by exploring the material in depth. His material is

that of glass which he hammers, lacerates or cracks. The glass becomes

the support of an impact expression that plays with light and transparency.

Contemporary glass artist Simon Berger speaks a singular plastic language

by exploring the depth of his material, the glass that he pounds, or cracks

with a hammer. The window becomes the support of an expansion done by

impacts playing with transparency. The closer and briefer the blows, the

stronger the contrasts and the shades. In his hands, the hammer is not a

tool of destruction, but rather an amplifier of effects.


His lacerated portraits, sculpted in glass, bring the gaze into the

intricacies of transparent wounds that he calls “morphogenesis”. A pioneer

of this technic, his broken pieces evoke his fascination for faces,

especially women’s. With his work on window panes, the artist takes

ownership of reality, and probes the expressive copabilities of inert

materials destined for factories. His metallic paintings become canvases

where perceptions confront with interpretations.


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