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10/06/2022 - 30/09/2022

Simon Berger, presented by Bulgari (Rousseau Island)

(*1976, CH)

Morphogenesis, 2022

Glass, silicone, transport shelf, plastic bands

200 × 180 × 80 cm

Contemporary glass artist Simon Berger speaks a singular plastic language by exploring the depth of his material, glass, which he hammers and cracks with a hammer. The glass becomes the support of an expansion realized by impacts playing with transparency. The closer and shorter the blows are, the more the contrasts and nuances are reinforced. In his hands, the hammer is not a tool of destruction, but rather an amplifier of effects. Berger began his artistic explorations with the aerosol can before turning to other media. Trained as a carpenter, his natural attraction to wood inspired his first urban art creations. A lover of mechanics, he also spent a lot of time working on crashed vehicles. It was while thinking about what to do with a car windshield that his art was born. "Human faces have always fascinated me," Simon explains. "On safety glass, these patterns seem to come to life and magically attract visitors. It's a discovery, where abstract fog meets figurative perception.

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