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Aurum Gallery

Bangkok, Thailand


The exhibition ‘Shattered’ at the Aurum Gallery in Bangkok was the first time that the artist's work was presented in Asia. Showing his work in another cultural sphere had a major impact on Simon Berger’s further development. It was during this exhibition that the artist came to the realisation that the portraits did not only provoke introspection and contemplation through the reflective surface of the material, but that the portraits were perceived differently, depending on the emotional and mental state of the beholder. If the viewer is in a depressed mood, the portraits appear more melancholic, whereas if the viewer is joyful, the faces seemingly carry a more positive expression. This dynamic change in the portraits in response to mood fascinated Berger, and he began to think further about how viewers could have a direct impact on the works themselves. In later projects, he further explored this involvement of the audience in his artistic process. It also gave Berger a much deeper understanding of the universality of his portraits. Once again, he proved the potential of this unique style, whose malleability allows him to explore a wide range of themes through its peculiar visual language. The exhibition included not only two-dimensional works, but also sculptures such as his 'Skyscrapers' and 'Cubes', allowing visitors to discover Simon Berger's wide range of work.


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