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Agence DS

Paris, France


The sculpture entitled "Tosca," which graced the Place Boieldieu in Paris, directly opposite the Opéra Comique, inaugurates a novel series by the accomplished artist Simon Berger. This series seeks to manifest the artist's profound appreciation for fellow creators by drawing inspiration from their oeuvre and subsequently crafting distinct artworks, thus paying homage to their unparalleled artistic contributions. As the title implies, "Tosca" materializes as a captivating portrait of Floria Tosca, the fictitious female protagonist in Giacomo Puccini's operatic masterpiece "Tosca." Beyond its singular homage to the fictional persona, this work emanated a broader tribute to the remarkable women who grace the world of opera, both on and offstage. The strategic placement of "Tosca" and its thematic content also exhibited a deliberate connection to two eminent statues located within the halls of the theater, namely "Carmen" by Guiraud-Rivière and "Manon" by Antonin Mercié. The synergy between these artistic elements is apparent, creating a nuanced tapestry that underscores the enduring legacy of female characters within the operatic tradition. The sculpture beckoned the viewers to visually discover the piece, compelling them to navigate its contours and seek the precise vantage point from which the portrait coalesces into cohesive form. The installation of this remarkable artwork in the public sphere was the result of a collaboration between Simon Berger and the Mairie de Paris, embodying a shared commitment to democratizing artistic experiences in the vibrant metropolis. Berger's distinctive technique, characterized by the shattering of glass, served as a potent metaphor, visualizing both the vulnerability and resilience inherent to the persona of Tosca. The placement of the image within an offset cube frame further accentuated the multifaceted nature of the character, inviting contemplation of her intricate psyche and her enduring impact on the operatic canon.


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