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TBWA/RAAD and MTV Lebanon

In collaboration with Laurent Marthaler Contemporary

Beirut, Lebanon


The devastating detonation that occurred on the 4th of August 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon, was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history. 218 people lost their lives and many more were left with their homes and lives in ruins. The #WeAreUnbreakable campaign was launched as a

cry for truth and justice. Despite official promises to uncover the truth and find the errors that allowed for such a catastrophe to happen, the families of the deceased had to wait for a long time for action be taken. The campaign represents the unbreakable will of the Lebanese people to get to the truth of what led to the tragedy and to ensure that justice is served. Simon Berger was invited to create an artwork in honour of those who lost their lives and to make a statement for those left behind. The artist visited the families of the victims, the destroyed port, and other affected sites, in preparation for creating his glass installation. The glass portraits, who depicted some of the victims of the explosion, served as a powerful gesture, taking a stand against the situation to make the people’s voices heard. The portraits were shown on one of Lebanon's largest television stations in a commemorative episode for those who lost their lives and everything they owned. Berger's artistic interpretation of the project was created in collaboration with the gallery Laurent Marthaler Contemporary.


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