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Gallotti & Radice

In Collaboration with Artstübli Art & Culture

Milano, Italy


The collaboration between Gallotti & Radice and Simon Berger further demonstrated the versatility of the artist’s visual language, as his artworks were combined with design for the first time. Since its foundation in 1955 as an art space dedicated to glass interior design, Gallotti & Radice has been closely associated with this fascinating material. In their first joint project, Simon Berger and Gallotti & Radice produced ‘Unbreakable Identities’, a series of tables, which they presented in their space during Milano Design Week in June 2022. Although the artwork was etched into the two-dimensional surface of the tabletop, its horizontal arrangement evoked a three-dimensional optical effect, thereby unlocking a new creative process for the artist. The resulting play with perspective meant that the portrait only emerged depending on shifting points of view. The collaboration once more challenged the artist to think beyond his previous explorations in working with glass.


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